Gasoline retail prices have averaged $5.70 per gallon over the latest reporting week in California, some $1.50 per barrel above the national average, with current daily prices already at $5.92 per gallon.

Against this background, weekend mobility data in California has decoupled itself from the nationwide pattern of growth, lingering at levels seen in early 2022.

Oil demand loss coming from elevated fuel prices in the US might amount to a whopping 300,000 b/d and would be translated primarily into declines in discretionary (primarily weekend) driving.


United States Gasoline Prices today

Futures & Indexes Last
WTI Crude 104.93
Brent Crude 111.12
Natural Gas 5.336
Heating Oil 3.718
Mars US 101.74
Brent Weighted Average 113.65
Louisiana Light 109.20
Coastal Grade A 93.75
Domestic Swt. @ Cushing 100.75
Giddings 94.50
ANS West Coast 117.10
Gulf Coast HSFO 95.11
Gasoline 3.221
Ethanol 2.160


West Texas Sour 98.19
West Texas Intermediate 100.69
Upper Texas Gulf Coast 88.49
Texas Gulf Coast Light 99.19
South Texas Sour 94.58
North Texas Sweet 100.75
Eagle Ford Pipeline 100.69
Eagle Ford Condensate 99.69
Eagle Ford 102.14
Tx. Upper Gulf Coast 94.50
South Texas Light 94.50
W. Tx./N. Mex. Inter. 100.75
South Texas Heavy 94.25
W. Cen. Tx. Inter. 100.75
East Texas Sweet 98.00


Arkansas Sweet 100.75
Arkansas Sour 98.25
Arkansas Ex Heavy 94.25


Buena Vista 115.95
Midway-Sunset 111.90


Colorado South East 92.94


Kansas Common 96.25
Eastern Kansas 120.00
NW Kansas Sweet 93.94
SW Kansas Sweet 94.44


Delhi/N. Louisiana 97.75
South Louisiana 99.25
North Louisiana Sweet 100.75


Michigan Sour 92.75
Michigan Sweet 97.50


Nebraska Sweet 93.74


Oklahoma Sweet 100.75
Oklahoma Sour 88.75
Western Oklahoma Swt. 100.00
Oklahoma Intermediate 100.50


Wyoming General Sour 99.02
Wyoming General Sweet 99.54

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